Smart (work) Spaces

To fully benefit from the insights gained through our analytics services, most organisations will plan and implement changes to act on and leverage this information as part of their business planning and investment process.

Depending on the business drivers and outcomes which an organisation is seeking, change and investment can come in many different areas. One such area which can often have a direct lead in from location, presence and spatial analytics is investment in a range of solutions which NetTranslate group as “Smart Spaces”.


Smart Spaces are all about making the physical environment work better for your users, whether your users are students, citizens, patients, employees, customers, or members of the public and for your organisation.

NetTranslate’s Smart Space solutions leverage the insights gained from location, presence and spatial analytics and help you engage with your users within your buildings in a much more meaningful and valuable way.

Indoor Navigation and Mapping Engine

Often referred to as Google maps for indoors. Add turn-by-turn, landmark based indoor navigation to an existing mobile or custom mobile application.

Convert architectural diagrams into digital maps which can be used across multiple devices and user groups.

Create multi-layered maps of the same footprint offering custom navigation to distinct user groups.

Utilise the powered SDK, API and Content Management features to develop your indoor maps over time as your organisation demands.

Mobile Engagement

Engage with your users via a custom mobile application or integrate into an existing application. Engage based on user context, presence and location. Provide relevant information at source.

Enrich venues, museums and public spaces with relevant digital content but also consider integration into existing critical line of business applications which could benefit from location context to provide accurate information to your users when and when they need it.

Insert specific, relevant content directly into user browser sessions.

Engage with your users to offer promotions, offers or reward loyalty. Share useful information, provide a feedback mechanism on a preferred mobile platform. Differentiate your services from your competitors and engage your users.

Intelligent Meeting Spaces

Commercial office space is one of the most expensive and most valuable assets any business has. Take control of your space and specifically your meeting spaces with NetTranslate’s intelligent Meeting Spaces solutions.

Delight your staff by providing a simple and seamless means of booking a meeting room or collaboration space via their calendar of mobile app. Provide a user friendly interface for all intelligent meeting spaces regionally, nationally or internationally.

Eliminate no shows and automatically book in users who have not booked in advance.

Utilise rich analytics to understand how your meetings rooms are being utilised.

Utilise analytics to help you plan the provision of more of less space dedicated to meeting rooms in the future. Inform decisions around meeting room planning, collaborative workspaces and focus rooms through empirical data sources and actual usage over time.

Integrate with other systems such as guest Wifi to delight your customers and guests by automatically providing guest Wifi when you guest arrives at their meeting.

Integrate into catering and resource planning to avoid food wastage and unnecessary expenditure.





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