Network Infrastructure

Before embarking on any build or enhancement project you need to ensure your foundations are fit for purpose and optimised for the outcome you want to deliver. Data analytics and advanced mobility services are no different.


Working with your trusted network partner, we ensure your underlying corporate wired and wireless networks are fit for purpose and optimised for location based services and advanced data analytics as opposed to traditional coverage or capacity based architecture models.

Our assessment services will clearly outline where your existing network foundation are fit for purpose or where they may need to be enhanced. If changes or enhancements are required to your corporate network, before you can leverage location and presence analytics services, we will work with your partner to ensure we protect your existing investments first and foremost. If enhancements are required, we will seek to leverage your chosen network platform to augment rather than replace.


If other business drivers are driving a business case to replace part or all of your network infrastructure we will ensure all of your requirements around analytics and advanced mobility services are taken into account now as part of your planned upgrade even if you are not planning to exploit these in the immediate future.

If the nature of your project dictates that third party infrastructure augmentation with wifi and Bluetooth sensors is a better option, NetTranslate can provide this as part of our service.


NetTranslate can also provide a fully managed Intelligent Wireless service linked directly to our cloud based CLIMB managed service platform and all the benefits which this offers around secure wireless, network access control and role based access, analytics and 24 x 7 performance management.




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