Network Access Control

Providing secure, seamless, role based access to networks is one of the key foundation elements in creating a user centric network experience. Organisations which have invested in a platform approach to provide this level of personalisation around network access can leverage benefits way beyond the immediate benefits of user experience and secure access. Additional benefits can be enabled including personalised experience and engagement for users based on role and contextual inputs (such as location) and organisational understanding of people and assets driving greater efficiency.

Platform Overview  

NetTranslate will design and deploy your preferred, vendor specific, on premise platform or connect you to our own cloud based, vendor agnostic, role based access, radius, AAA, guest and public access service platform. We can also provide a hybrid approach if preferred whereby we help you deliver internal staff access through your preferred on premise solution and utilise our cloud based service for guest or public network access requests only.

NetTranslate can help you scope, deliver, integrate and support the leading on premise vendor platforms in the market today including Aruba Clearpass and Cisco Identity Services Engine.

If a hybrid or fully cloud enabled service is preferred, we enable secure access to our cloud based platform, CLIMB.

Our CLIMB portal provides the most complete, globally scalable Wi-Fi and wired authentication and provisioning platform.

The software which underpins our platform is used today across a number of the world’s most complex Wi-Fi services such as the most advanced and robust public Wi-Fi for the award-winning London Underground.

Our service is hardware and vendor agnostic and we can provide this service fully integrated into your existing network vendor or vendors of choice including Aruba, Cisco, Ruckus, Meraki and Xirrus.

Our agnostic approach allows us to provide a unified experience across estates and venues with multiple types of hardware as well as deploying new services over existing infrastructure.

We work with our partners to provide Enterprise and Public Sector organisations with the ability to provide both B2B and B2C services tailored to your needs.  We support both Public WiFi services and Private WiFi networks with the ability to authenticate in multiple ways including click to connect, user name/password, free, paid, vouchers, social media logins (OAUTH) LDAP, AD, Radius including 3rd party data stores such as Oracle, MySQL, MSSQL.

Our platform has an extensive user experience engine enabling innovative and rich captive portal and marketing experiences for our customers to suit your requirements.

The management dashboard is securely hosted online and provides full real-time location and demographic based analytics reporting suite and also has API’s both restful and event based push data to support extended data requirements and services.  It is role based and multitenant and also provides user/admin controls and logs, network management and platform administration controls.

Overall, our platform and associated managed service is highly secure, scalable and flexible to the needs of our customers. It also forms the platform for deeper user, location and proximity services and analytics at a role based level.




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