Location & Presence Analytics

Online retailers and ecommerce providers have been using behavioural analytics to better understand consumer behaviour and buying patterns for many years. These analytical solutions have been helping retailers to:

  • Improve the online experience for their customers whilst increasing revenues
  • Helping launch better targeted promotions and campaigns
  • Optimising pricing to maximise profits
  • Improving inventory management
  • Offer better customer service at lower costs
  • Analysing data and make decisions in real time

Today retailers are using location, presence and behavioural analytics within their stores and branches to achieve the same goals as their on-line counterparts and in many cases combining the two to create omni-channel analytics to better serve their customers, increase loyalty, increase revenue and profits and stay ahead of their competition.

Location & Presence Analytics for Everyone

Location and presence analytics have evolved and matured and can now serve business insights in many industries over and above the more obvious retail and hospitality markets.

NetTranslate’s location and presence analytics solutions can help you capture, analyse and visualise data from your existing environment to help you understand user behaviour within a physical environment, space utilisation, how people flow through and engage within your buildings, and much more.

Similar to online and ecommerce analytics, we can we can help you:

  • Improve your user experience within your physical environment by understanding what users want, where and how often
  • Helping you understand how information shared, promotions, campaigns or advertising affect user behaviour
  • Optimising and placement of your key assets to maximise return and efficiency
  • Improving inventory management
  • Offer better customer service at lower costs
  • Analysing data and make decisions in real time
  • Enable location based data inputs to a wider data analytics review

Use Cases

Location and presence analytics has specific use cases across multiple Enterprise and Public sector environments:

NHS trusts can better understand patient, visitor, staff, clinician, and assets location and movement and ensure assets and services are optimised to meet the needs of its patients.

Local Authorities can better understand citizen use of public buildings across an authority, which citizens access which services, where to best position limited resources and assets and how best to serve the needs of its community and visitors.

Enterprises can better understand the actual utilisation of office space, who is using the space, how many desks and meeting rooms are occupied, which departments or business units are using which offices, is space at a premium or do you have too much capacity and could consider rightsizing or subletting.

Higher Education Institutions can integrate into its strategy supporting compliance to the Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF) and better understand student movement, identify engagement or lack of engagement in lectures, courses, library access and many other core services which could lead to disengagement and eventual loss of student revenues. Additional insights can be found around core assets and services such as hot desks, study environments, collaboration spaces, where to locate student services or even which promotions or activities draw the most demand and engagement across the student community.

Further insights can be gained specifically during new student intake and open days, corporate events, incremental revenue generation and many more.

Retailers and leisure and hospitality venues can understand the effectiveness of campaigns and promotions, conversation rates, dwell time in zones within the store or effectiveness of in-venue digital content and advertising.

Above all else organisations of all shapes and sizes can start to generate a return from data sources which already exist and use this to provide additional metrics to make better informed business and investment decisions.

Agnostic Solution Provision

NetTranslate’s location and presence analytics solutions work with your existing network manufacturer. Our ecosystem includes the leading wireless and network manufacturers which our customers have deployed across their Enterprises today.

We will work with your existing manufacturer and trusted network partner to deliver a seamless solution aligned to your business outcomes.

If your existing network is not fit for purpose to deliver the desired outcomes we will work with you to help you understand your options for enhancing your existing foundational infrastructure, overlaying a location specific sensor environment or replacing with new as part of a wider business initiative.

Solution Overview

Our CLIMB cloud based architecture for location and presence analytics includes has been designed to support our customers on a journey to extract and exploit their existing data:

  • Capture (capture and cleanse)
  • Learn (analysis and review)
  • Integrate (role based access & third party systems)
  • Market and Monetise (engage, share information and exploit the data)
  • Business Insights (continuous improvement and better decision making)

Our hosted Analytics Engine ensures we maximise your existing investments in wireless technology and provides the fastest and simplest means possible to begin the data capture process. Specific analysis engines, depending on the key insights and use cases, are then integrated to the data capture engine to structure and organise the data before it can be visualised. Visualisation is provided through user dashboards with further Business Intelligence integration, if required, to present the data in a format which can be understood by relevant business decision makers leading to new business insights.




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