IT Operations Analytics

User and client mobility is now the norm in today’s modern enterprise. True enterprise mobility not only offers the opportunity to transform internal processes and increase efficiency and user satisfaction amongst internal users, but also provides exciting new opportunities to engage, interact with and connect staff, partners, customers, guests and (IOT) things across your network.

The ability to differentiate service and add value, whilst reducing cost is a constant challenge for todays IT Operations professionals and business leaders. Organisations who can enable and embrace enterprise mobility will benefit through increased user satisfaction, productivity and efficiency along with the ability to transform existing business models.

In direct conflict with the opportunities enabled via enterprise mobility, are the challenges around designing, implementing, maintaining and running the foundational infrastructure which enterprise mobility depends on. These challenges are becoming increasingly difficult to overcome in the traditional world using traditional IT operations methods and using traditional IT operations and management tool sets.

Today there’s simply no easy way for IT network operations staff to obtain a holistic view of the entire network-application stack to pinpoint current and potential problems and analyse real-time and historical trends, to improve client performance, network reliability or pro-actively plan for additional users and network-sensitive applications.

As problems occur, network operations staff become inundated with volumes of uncorrelated network, client, and application data that must be methodically analysed before anything useful can be derived to address the underlying root cause.

Traditional tools tend to take a “siloed” and take a system centric view of data which does not easily translate to user experience or assist non technical decision makers to understand what is actually going on.

IT Operations Analytics Overview

NetTranslate’s ITOA solutions are offered as either point in time assessment or as a managed service generating continuous insights. Many point in time assessments lead to ongoing services due to the unique perspective and insights they generate which previously were not available to IT Operations staff.

User Centric Analytics

One of the key factors which sets our ITOA solutions apart is our user centric approach. Traditional monitoring and management tools focus on the underlying technology and is it operating to expected parameters?

NetTranslate’s ITOA solutions instead focus on your end user’s experience as this is ultimately what matters.

By benchmarking your existing user experience, we understand what normal looks like for you and set your own specific benchmarks for normal user experience. We then measure both actual user experience and the experience of digital proxies over time and look for variations outside of your benchmark which indicate an issue for your users before this becomes an actual issue. We can also understand what normal looks like for other similar environments to yours, anonymously compare these to yours and start to use cloud sourced ITOA data to predict when you may experience issues as they have occurred in other similar environments.

Although our ITOA solutions focus on user experience they also provide all the information your IT Operations team will need to drill down into the data to determine route cause analysis where possible, or to create a league of blame by mapping out the digital supply chain associated with each user session and identifying which area of your infrastructure are causing the greatest variances to your expected norm helping you get to the route cause quicker and before issues become truly user affecting.




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