Presence & Location Analytics

Organisations from all industries are using the power of data analytics to solve business problems and offer new insights into customer and user behavior, to analyse, improve or transform existing business processes and to rethink how they need to operate in a world where new competitors have been built from the ground up as digital, data driven organisations.

Private and public sector organisations are seeking to make sense of it all and are discovering the power of linking this existing data to the presence, location and flow of people and things.

Specifically, organizations are beginning to use location analytics and location data as a platform to understand user behavior, predict it and influence it to mutual advantage.

The result: complete information and analysis for delivering better outcomes.


Enabling location enabled big data insights, dynamic marketing engagement and scalability capacity to one or all of your locations.

NetTranslate’s location and presence analytics service is a partially or fully managed service to help organisations capture, learn, integrate, monetise and generate business insights and value from location, presence and movement related data within a physical building space.

Service Summary

 We locate people and assets real time through authenticated or unauthenticated Wifi or Bluetooth connections in your building

  • We aggregate this data to provide real time analytics
  • We integrate other third party indoor data sources
  • We analyse and visualise this data based on the questions you are seeking to answer


The service outputs can include the following depending on your wider data analytics strategy, capability and required outcomes:

  • Standard data capture from your existing Wireless infrastructure from our cloud data collector and data feed made available into your own data lake or warehouse
  • Standard data capture with analysis, dashboard and standard visualisation reports
  • Standard data capture with analysis, custom dashboard and visualisation reports
  • Standard data capture with third party data source integration with analysis, dashboard and visualisation reports

Third party data sources and systems can be integrated within the core service such as, network access control, guest captive portals, footfall, access control, meeting room booking systems, Point of Sale and many more.

Our standard service includes read access to your analytics dashboard with a set of pre-agreed reports delivered monthly. The frequency and detail required from reporting is agreed at the service initiation workshop.


 Business Benefits 

  • Understand how your customers, staff and other key user groups behave and interoperate within your physical built environment
  • Use big data analytics to identify trends, preferences, patterns, flows and interactions of your users
  • Learn where to deploy staff, assets and where to invest in new assets and services to gain the nest return
  • Learn which initiatives have the greatest impact and prioritise investments
  • Integrate location and presence analytics to your wider data analytics strategy

 IT Benefits

  • Utilise and leverage your existing investments in corporate wireless and wired networks
  • Leverage cloud services to enhance internal skill sets
  • Become an enabler for data driven decisions for your organisation
  • Help justify investments and demonstrate return in corporate wireless and wired networks

User Benefits

  • Improved user experience and access to preferred services
  • Relevant information provided at the point you want or need it





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