Managed Wireless


Organisations are now facing some daunting challenges. They often lack the internal resources and know-how to design, deploy and manage secure, high-performance WLANs that enable true enterprise-wide mobility. Thus, organisations are in an ongoing struggle to keep pace with advances in the mobile-first digital enterprise and access infrastructure technologies as they attempt to leverage any potential benefits and maximise return on investment.

Utilising a managed mobility service from NetTranslate provides our customers with a predictable cost model for delivering mobility services and greater value from its investment in the network access infrastructure. Our solution supports virtually any WLAN deployment scenario, is quick-to-deploy and is fully managed remotely by our specialist teams.

Our solution has been built to exhibit exceptional long-term reliability, support a wide range of value-added services to drive incremental revenue, and provide context-aware security and quality of service (QoS) based on user identity, device, location, time of day, application and an ever-increasing portfolio of third-party, contextual sources.


We’ve partnered with HPE Aruba to build our managed mobility architecture, which has been built on a foundation of deployment simplicity, maximum performance, reliability, context awareness and centralised management so that we can successfully deliver managed mobility services to enterprises anywhere in the world. The Aruba MSP solution scales from the smallest branch to the largest extended campuses and includes an extensible management framework that provides end-to-end network visibility across multiple sites and multiple customer locations.

Aruba Mobility Controllers are ideal for large campus Wi-Fi installations that require centrally-managed encryption, policy enforcement and IPv4/IPv6 network services. Mobility Controllers maintain configurations and automate software updates for all Aruba APs.

Aruba Instant is ideal for distributed Wi-Fi networks at many different sites. In an Instant WLAN, one AP is dynamically-elected to manage other APs, and our free zero-touch service automates first-time configuration and enables cloud-based inventory management.

Aruba Adaptive Radio Management (ARM) technology enables you to maximise Wi-Fi client behaviour and keep APs away from RF interference. With ARM, Wi-Fi clients associate with the best channel, frequency and AP, making it today’s most effective RF management technology.

ARM airtime fairness algorithms ensure equal access for all devices, while airtime performance protection prevents slower clients from monopolising available bandwidth. Together they maximise the quality of service experienced by all the users, all of the time.

Integrated wireless intrusion detection and prevention uses APs to simultaneously serve clients and contain wireless threats, eliminating the need to deploy more costly intrusion detection systems with dedicated sensors. Additionally, automatic threat mitigation protects the network from unauthorised clients and ad hoc networks by continuously scanning the RF environment, centrally evaluating forensic data, and actively containing rogues and locking down device configuration.

With Aruba Policy Enforcement Firewall, network access is based on user roles, what devices they use, time and location, and what applications they access. This contextual information about user, device, time, location and application is used to enforce network-wide policies. Context-awareness ensures a high-quality experience for all users by effectively managing the network traffic. Through deep-packet inspection, delay-sensitive voice and video traffic is given priority treatment, while other applications are guaranteed fair bandwidth allocation.

As a result, Aruba WLANs are ideal for optimising our customer’s mission-critical enterprise applications.

  • Based on an Aruba architecture that has been designed for resilient, high performing and centralised management of massively scalable wireless networks.
  • Managed Network Access Control to provide secure access for all devices with ease and enabling deterministic access polices based on many variables.
  • Policy Enforcement Firewall analyses contextual information provided locally or from third party data sources, such as user, device, location, time and other variables to enforce network access controls.
  • Managed guest access and self-registration allowing the capture of distinct information and social media authentication through Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and others.
  • End-to-end visibility and control of the complete user experience across all departments, floors, buildings and geographies, extending to remote SOHO and single-user environments.
  • Adaptive Radio Management technology that automates the optimisation of client behaviour and ensures clean air across your environment.
  • Automatic threat mitigation through Integrated wireless intrusion protection, rogue detection and isolation.
  • Spectrum analysis capabilities built into Aruba access points can automatically scan the RF environment for WiFi and non-WiFi sources of interference, providing simple problem resolution in your RF space.
  • Zero-touch AP provisioning for ease of deployment and inventory management, significantly reducing time to deploy and operational overheads.
  • Offers a multitude of remote working and branch access solutions, custom built for your unique access requirements.
  • Comprehensive eco-system integration capabilities and development to provide connected infrastructure that supports mobile workforces and IoT demands.
  • Fully supported by our extensive field engineering and hugely experienced, expert level consulting and management teams.




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