Intelligent Wireless Assessment


Wireless surveys are becoming more and more relevant as organisations move towards a wireless first workplace. Enterprise wireless networks now need to support a much wider range of applications, end user devices, IoT sensors and devices that ever before as well as being the primary means of access traditional line of business applications and cloud based SaaS services. The number of devices is also increasing at a rapid rate therefore wireless environments today need to be planned with greater  forethought than ever before.

Using traditional wireless surveys, we are able to determine the exact placement of your wireless access points to guarantee delivery capabilities for these advanced services. But as we are already seeing in practice today, your working spaces are no longer only concerned with RF.

Our Intelligent Wireless Assessment takes traditional wireless surveys further by providing assessment services for your digital space.

Digital space is crucial to organisations as they invest to secure their infrastructure for the ever-increasing device count, the Internet of Things (IoT) and the intelligent, connected workplace. There is no longer only a requirement to understand your RF environment, but to also understand how and where you can place Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) beacon and location technologies, RFID location technologies, IoT sensors and a whole host of new digital space technologies.

Our expert surveying team are fully equipped with a number of industry recognised tools and software packages to enable complete surveying of your digital space. Just like traditional wireless surveying, we visit your locations to plan your infrastructure accordingly based on your current and future demands. This could include planning services for;


Based on industry standards, we survey your environment to support the relevant RF metrics in line with the vendor recommendations and best practice. Crucially, we add to this by surveying the actual digital user experience as they access your key applications and services.

Alongside the traditional wireless survey kits we deploy a number of digital users, target a number of your key business applications and services and use big data analytics to relate this to a quality score over time. Using this digital user as an extension to the traditional surveying kit, we are able to measure the performance of existing or new wireless estates as we survey from the perspective of your user. This could be how well it communicates with email servers, voice servers or the internet. These metrics help our teams plan more accurately for the future based on your increasing data demands and performance.


Our survey teams can take into account when surveying your environment all obstacles that may have impact on the successful deployment of BLE technologies. We investigate and plan ideal placement of these technologies through a process of actively testing them in-place and running a number of trial scenarios, whether it be merely a case of trial presence services or a real business use case which we will understand through our pre-survey engagement for location, presence or way-finding services.

Digital Mapping

NetTranslate can help you create digital maps of your physical space ready to integrate into mobile applications and way-finding services. We can utilise existing CAD formats or if these do not exist we can help you create these in the traditional as well as digital formats. We can help you integrate digital maps into existing or create new bespoke mobile applications and user experiences to engage your users in new and meaningful ways.

Digital mapping can be created using a number of platforms including Aruba Meridian, Google Indoor Maps and Independent platforms depending on your preference and future use case scenarios.




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