Increasingly, organisations are coming to understand the benefits which enterprise mobility could bring to their business – operational costs reduction, real estate optimisation and rationalisation, improved productivity and higher end user satisfaction.

Which technologies to invest in and how to prioritise and order this investment is however more difficult to understand.

NetTranslate’s Digital Mobility Maturity model provides a simple, cost effective tool led by our consultants to help organisations understand the current “As-Is” state, and through a series of workshops and assessments, define the target “To-Be” state with a clear set of prioritised, timed remediation and investment activities.


Based on generic industry standard maturity methodology NetTranslate have mapped out key metrics to help positions an organisations digital mobility maturity and to be able to compare this against other similar organisation and industries.

Not all organisations start their digital mobility maturity journey from an “Ad hoc” state and certainly not all will have ambitions to move through to a fully “Optimised” state as each starting point and end point are different. What is important is that each journey is mapped closely to the financial, operational and technological targets and aspirations of each individual organisation and identifying which investments will drive the optimum return on investment.



What does the Enterprise Digital Mobility Maturity assessment entail?

NetTranslate will facilitate an on-site workshop to assess the current As-Is state and work through a series of simple questionnaires and exercises to help determine the target To-Be state.

In advance of the workshop, stakeholders from all areas of the organisation will be invited to attend having completed a simple questionnaire in advance.

Additional technical assessments will be arranged to understand the suitability of the underlying foundational infrastructure elements to support platform enablement and change which will be considered within the final report aligned to priorities and suggested investment plans.



  • Understand the current state around digital mobility maturity
  • Plan and prioritise investment v’s return
  • Align business strategy with IT enablement
  • Protect against digital native competitors in the on-demand economy

Information Technology

  • Understand the strategic direction of travel
  • Become an enabler for the business
  • Prioritise and justify required investment business cases


  • Understand your organisations plans for a mobile first platform
  • Utilise your mobile devices and applications to assist productivity
  • Access your services and applications how you want, when you want and from where you want





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