NetTranslate’s enablement services are focused on readying your on premise infrastructure for connecting to our cloud platform followed by integration and data enablement.

This consists of three key activities:

  1. Remediation, optimisation and enablement of your existing foundational infrastructure ready to connect to the NetTranslate cloud platform
  2. Integration and testing of the connection to the NetTranslate cloud platform
  3. Transformation of your data within the cloud ready to deliver insights


Our enablement and transformation services can encompass several elements depending on the level of maturity of your internal enterprise wireless, wired and security infrastructure.

Role Based Access

If your organisation already has a mature authentication and role based access solution we will look to integrate directly into this to enable and insights to be delivered on a role, group, or departmental level.

If this is not in place already, we can integrate a new authentication and role based access solution either on premise or as part of our cloud platform managed service.

Analytics Engine

Leading wireless and mobility vendors including Aruba and Cisco have their own analytics software which is an essential element in creating a platform ready to deliver location and presence analytics.

NetTranslate have integrated Aruba’s ALE and Cisco’s CMX platform within our cloud allow you to connect to this enabling technology without having to worry about hosting on site and carry out integration and ongoing support.

We will also ensure that your existing wireless infrastructure has been optimised and configured correctly in order to make use of (reliable and accurate) location data from your own environment.

Ecosystem Integration

We prepare your data ready to connect to several ecosystem partners depending on the insights you are seeking to gain through analysis and visualisation of your own data and environments.


Business Benefits

  • Leverage your existing data sources to gain new insights
  • Gain a faster return on your corporate wireless investment
  • Ensure your data is ready and formatted always to support decision making

Information Technology Benefits

  • Leverage your existing wireless network to enable business decision making
  • Leverage our cloud platform to deliver managed, centralised enablement services
  • Ensure your existing environment is optimally configured to provide accurate, reliable data
  • Leverage our ecosystem partners and research to save you time and effort
  • Prepare your data once and leverage many times

User Benefits

  • Minimal disruption to normal working environment
  • Underpins user centric IT and business policies
  • Supports role based access to corporate resources
  • Personalise services and enable seamless network access
  • Demonstrate your commitment to putting your users at the heart of technology investment

Organisations using data-driven-decisions were “5% more productive and 6% more profitable than their competitors”

A recent Mckinsey Study 




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