Digital User Quality Experience

Digital Quality Management (DQM)

Traditional monitoring solutions can tell us huge amounts of information about our networked environment and those services we use and interact with each day. Where these tend to fall short is that they do not relate this data in a contextual way. They identify issues with disparate systems and provide logging and alerts to enable your IT teams to identify and resolve the root cause. Your IT departments are often dealing with desktop and server related issues or user issues for which they are very experienced at dealing with. But when it comes to your underlying infrastructure, they’ve often been installed by third parties or managed by other companies and the necessary skills to truly support are often not available in house. Traditional monitoring systems will indicate to your IT department issues that are typically based on up/down states, throughput and link degradation thresholds setup when it was installed. These issues are often immediately prioritised without considering the impact of them when it comes to whether it is effecting the experience of your users.

Digital quality management does exactly this. It acts as a digital proxy of your users by assembling routine actions from anywhere in your environment and targets different components your users interact with each day. Information gathered during one-off deployment windows or from continuous service monitoring is normalised on site and sent to our cloud analytics platform and presented to your IT teams to identify the baseline experience, and provide point-resolution services to identify root causes instantly across the entire user experience journey throughout your environment and those of your service providers. It takes the guess work out of which device is causing the issues and who has the responsibility to resolve the problem.

Service Description

Data analysis of the collected monitoring data will define a representation of the human experience of digital quality. The mathematics underpinning the data processing were developed from 15+ years of research into how network and computer behaviour influence a customer’s digital experience and the algorithms used are an extension of those used for Mean Opinion Score (MOS) calculations of voice quality, a globally accepted and trusted standard.

The measurement data and results are weighted to reflect a user’s experience of the digital supply chain for different application types (e.g. voice, video or highly interactive application). We process the technical information collected by the digital users and use sophisticated algorithms to establish a score of between 1 and 100 with the range 77-81 representing optimal experience, gained from years of research. This automated scoring facility is unique in its measurement and represents a fundamental advantage of digital quality over other network and application monitoring solutions.

We produce three scores. The first is a highest value that represents the best a customer’s digital quality experience could be if everything in the digital supply chain was working optimally. The second is the typical score across the period selected that is always at or below the highest level. The third is the lowest score measured during the period selected. In addition to the scoring, the platform uses collected impairment measurements to automatically correlate degraded scoring to the underlying digital supply chain element causing the issue, whether that is the application server or the network, triaging the results based upon impairment impact. This auto-triage of the sources of quality impairment between server and network represents another fundamental advantage of over other network and application monitoring solutions.

Our managed service includes:

  • Solution design
  • Service design
  • Definition of digital measurement plan including design for digital targets (key business applications) and digital users
  • Deployment of digital users across defined locations
  • Management of digital users
  • Access to DQM dashboard
  • Analytic reporting pack on pre-agreed frequency
  • Professional Services for route cause and remediate as defined in Service Design




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