Digital Real Estate Utilisation Managed Service

Cushman & Wakefields Office Market Snapshot Q3 2016 shows Prime Office rents across the UK range from £22 per SQ. FT. Per Year in Newcastle to £120 SQ. FT. Per Year in London’s West End. Prime office stock in London and in regional business hubs remains in high demand and shows further forecast growth over the next 5 years.

Commercial Real Estate is one of the largest overheads on an organisation’s balance sheet so how do you ensure your physical space is fully optimised and utilised by your staff, your customers and your partners?

A recent Mckinsey study found that organisations using data-driven-decisions were “5% more productive and 6% more profitable than their competitors”

NetTranslate’s Digital Real Estate Utilisation Managed Service can provide you with the insight you need to understand the use of your existing workspace and ensure you and your staff are getting the most from it.

Service Overview

Built on sophisticated data science, NetTranslate’s Digital Real Estate Utilisation service delivers highly accurate, granular monitoring alongside predictive insights to empower today’s CRE leaders to unlock opportunities within their real estate portfolios

Utilising Rifiniti’s sophisticated data science and machine-learning algorithms, we process data readily available from your existing infrastructure. Our service uncovers the rich insights allowing you to translate data into savings and more productive, effective and continuously improved workspaces.

Our digital utilisation managed service provides an ongoing capture, analysis and reporting using sophisticated machine learning algorithms applied to multiple data sets existing within your existing environment.

Data sources can include several relevant existing systems from within your environment depending on level of service, duration, cost and outputs required.





Security and data integrity

Before being transferred to our analytics platform, data is stripped of any personal identifiable information (PII) and all key identifiers are hashed.  All data is encrypted in transmission and at rest.


Service Benefits

Our Digital Real Estate Utilisation Managed Service can reveal several data driven decision KPIs on an ongoing basis including:

  • Average and Peak utilisation v’s design capacity
  • Underutilisation v’s congestion
  • Departmental collaboration and interaction
  • Meeting size, frequency and duration
  • Departmental utilisation, mobility and attendance
  • Actual meeting room use v’s reservation

 Business Benefits

  • Optimise your existing portfolio based on employee utilisation and mobility analytics
  • Identify co-location opportunities from departmental collaboration and integration metrics
  • Identify Sub-letting opportunities across a building or portfolio
  • Plan meeting spaces using actual supply and demand data
  • Optimise your CRE budget, expenditure or income
  • Engage employees through high quality, intelligent workspaces

IT Benefits

  • Utilise cloud based platforms to avoid internal complexity, set up and ongoing management costs
  • Leverage your existing systems and data to provide business insight to your board
  • Utilise your existing IT assets as a business enabler to help justify investment or ongoing operational costs
  • Connect IT and Estates Management data to offer more accurate insights back to your business

User Benefits

  • Fairer access to physical space including meeting rooms and knowledge that misuse is being taken as an issue by the business
  • Appreciation that the business wants to understand working practices and optimise physical buildings space
  • Insights which may lead to more open and flexible working practices including the ability to work from multiple locations

Our digital real estate utilisation service is also available as a one off digital utilisation study  offering a point in time assessment of your real estate utilisation using your existing digital assets and systems to help you optimise and right size your existing portfolio.




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