Most organisations are not aware that they have a treasure trove of insight available within the meta data generated from their existing corporate wireless and wired networks and associated networked systems, people and things.

This information can be used to derive real world business insights across most industries including retail, financial services, professional services, leisure and hospitality, public venues and transport hubs, Local Authorities, Higher Education, across the NHS and many more.

To harness and interpret this information, organisations need a combination of advanced network and data analytics skills and this is where NetTranslate can help.

We love data! We help you capture it, we cleanse it, we analyse and process it and we visualise it for you so you can gain a level of insight into your organisation not previously possible.

We are also network specialists and as part of the Tech Pulse Group, we have some of the deepest and widest network, wireless and security expertise in the UK. These skills are necessary to ensure your network is configured optimally to extract this data and to provide a level of accuracy to allow you to make sound business decisions and to engage your users and customers in more meaningful ways in the future.

Through advanced data analytics and visualisation, we translate your existing network and IT Operations data into business value and actionable insights. Our CLIMB architecture not only provides advanced analytics across location, presence and IT Operations data sets but can also augment your existing data sources and integrate with a host of third party systems including network access, captive portals, point of sale, footfall, access control, room booking systems, existing line of business applications and many more.

Before embarking on any investment, we also ensure your existing network infrastructure is optimised to deliver advanced mobility services and ensure that we can help you answer the specific questions you are seeking to answer for your organisation.

We then work in partnership to act on the insight gained by enabling you to offer user centric, mobile first services including indoor mapping, mobile engagement, marketing and monetisation of your network to deliver a tangible and measurable return to your organisation.

Actionable insights can be delivered across a wide variety of industries from measuring footfall, conversation rates and customer paths in retail to patient pathways and wait times across the NHS to real estate utilisation and rationalisation across any industry.

We help you assess the questions you are seeking to answer and help you plan your journey to becoming a digital mobile first enterprise and enable you to act on this insight in a wide variety of ways.

We compliment and work alongside your existing ICT partners as a channel centric organisation to ensure the easiest path possible for you to leverage and benefit from our services.

Management Team


Will Kirby – Director

Technically-driven with strong operational capabilities, Will started in this space as a wireless consultant specialising in the delivery of advanced mobility services across all verticals. Over the years, this naturally supported growth into understanding how to further improve these services by introducing new and exciting technologies as the workplace becomes more connected.

With NetTranslate, that is what we want to do. There is an ever-increasing wealth of new technologies and its applications in this area, and we understand the underlying technology, evaluate and validate these technologies and help steer through the plethora to reach the real drivers behind every engagement.

Trevor Rolls – Non Executive Chairmantrevor

Having spent the last 25 years in the Networking Industry,

Trevor has built and sold two businesses in the space. Firstly an integrator, Prime to 2e2 in 2004 and then more recently Netcrowd, a channel services business to Daisy Group, Trevor has also been actively involved in fund raising and has led a number of acquisitions as part of his leadership roles within these businesses.

Trevor is presently Non-Executive chairman of Ocean Group, a cloud Services Provider, Derive Logic, a leader on the Software Asset Management space and Generate UK a leading Digital marketing Agency. In addition to these current engagements Trevor successfully exited Purestone a Digitial marketing agency with a share sale back to the founders and currently holds a position with an independent specialist Enterprise Management business.

Trevor is an avid tennis player and a former county golfer but can be found happiest tending to his lawn and spending time with the family.


Steve Kirby – Director & TechPulse Group CEOsteve

Steve is best known in the IT and Infrastructure Services Industry as the co-founder of The NetCrowd, which went on to become one of the leading professional services and support businesses in the UK before its successful sale to The Daisy Group in January 2013. He is presently Co-Founder and Group Managing Director of Tech Pulse and mentors startup businesses through an association with Birmingham Innovation Centre.

Steve is a long term advocate, supporter and one of the single largest donators to Dreams Come True the UK children’s charity and most recently has taken the position as Chairman of the Fundraising Board. He lists his hobbies as golf and a is a self-confessed petrol head, both of which come second to a busy family life.




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